Come and get to know us Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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Hi Everyone! Please come to the first PTO meeting of the 2017-2018 year, held in the Middle School Library! Some topics we will discuss: budget, bylaws, the 6th Grade Halloween Dance, and Back to School Night! We want you! Come and get to know us!  

Tuesday,  September 12, 2017  7 pm 


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Just a quick update regarding the coveted directories……As you may or may not know in the beginning of the school year we had to find a replacement for our membership/directory chair. We pulled together and are doing our best to get the directories out. We are looking at the first week in December for distribution. We ask you to please be patient.
While we are on the subject , if anyone who like to be a part of membership for the upcoming school year we would LOVE to have you!!! Questions??? email

Thank You and on behalf of HMS PTO Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Home Stretch

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We are in the home stretch and once again the Beluga Whales are on top with the Falcons in second!  Get your Box Tops in by November 30th for a chance to win the Fall Box Top Challenge!

Are you IN?

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It was great to see you at the Back to School nights this week!  We thank you for stopping by the PTO tables and picking up or purchasing spirit wear and paying dues!

The next step is checking your information in Volunteer Builder to make sure your information is IN and IN correctly including your student(s) information.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do NOT get your information from the school regarding your address and your student names.  We rely on YOU to input the information.

We are asking you check your information and any issues or problems let us know.  We cannot be held responsible for missing information so PLEASE check.  The link is below for your convenience.

If you have not paid $20.00 dues and still would like to contribute you can pay cash, credit/debit card(s), PayPal or check. The PayPal link is below for your convenience.

We are hoping to have the directories ready by the end of October!

As always, if you have any questions please reach out!

Have a great weekend!!!!

Welcome Back!

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Welcome back to the 2016-2017 School Year!

There are three Back-to-School nights scheduled as follows:

September 26th 6 PM                        6th Grade Back-to-School Night

September 27th 6:30 PM                   7th Grade Back-to-School Night

September 28th 6:30 PM                    8th Grade Back-to-School Night

The PTO will be set-up to welcome you with spirit wear (cash and carry), and you can register in Volunteer Builder (registering does not mean you have to volunteer! We pull information for the directory from Volunteer Builder), and you can pay dues (for which you will receive the directory). Our dues fund activities and events such as the school dances, activity nights, reading olympics, science olympiad, and much more! Only $20 per family. Thank you for your support and we look forward to meeting you in September!

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Officers and Committee Chairs!

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A warm welcome to the officers and committee chairs for the 2016-2017 year! These wonderful and hard-working volunteers are:

President Maria Purdy
Vice-President Brie Irwin
Treasurer Carol Buehler
Secretary Amy Gillard
Recording Secretary Michele Moresco

Committee Chairs:
Activity Nights Maria Purdy
IDC Representatives Betsy McElreavey, Jenn McNicholas
School Board Representatives Brie Irwin
Spirit Wear Megan Salveson
Box Tops and Labels for Education Sandy Olsavsky, Elaina Boebert
Membership Directory Merri Lee Newby
ImPACT (concussion testing) Merri Lee Newby
6th Grade Halloween Dance Megan Garrett, Michele Moresco
7th Grade Dance Renee Lawler, Therese Menear
8th Grade Dance Helene Conroy-Smith
Webmaster Merri Lee Newby
Book Fair Jennifer Kirkland, Chris Wolf
8th Grade Career Awareness Day Sarah Maxwell
Staff Appreciation Luncheon Yoonie Hong
Back-to-School Nights Merri Lee Newby